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Mark Hanna- Fine Art

I take your vision and make it an everlasting creation


I take your vision and make it an everlasting creation

Open for custom artwork and commissions.


Mark Hanna is a visual artist with a passion for light, shadow, perspective, and capturing emotion. He has had an affinity for art since childhood; both his mother and grandfather were gifted with artistic talent, which gave him the drive and inspiration to start creating his own work. Mark has honed his craft for over 30 years now, and became a full-time independent artist in 2012. He is known for his use of rich, vibrant colors and incredible attention to detail in his paintings—each one tells a unique story. Above all, Mark is dedicated to producing only the finest-quality work available in the art market today.

He is open to custom work and commissions, and looks forward to sharing his artistic gifts with you.

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